Boaz & Brooke – I like your hands, I bet you can draw

After climbing a thousand stairs we were warmly welcomed by Boaz & Brooke in their spacious Amsterdam apartment in De Pijp. Boaz & Brooke definitely keep themselves busy; Different Every Day calendars, Sad Animal Fact books, Pedal Powered Talk shows, many successful side projects and still finding time to make friends with neighbouring crows, be-friend Ashton Kutcher on social media and interview George Clooney…

But how? How to find time? How to recycle ideas that get killed? How not to be scared to share? Most importantly, how to make your passion project your full-time job?

We dive deep with Boaz & Brooke and we get excited about making ideas happen!


Hosted by Greta Madline & Coco Olakunle

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Music: Aan Zee

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