Andrew Duncan – the art of being idiotic

I remember seeing a picture of The Kennedys a few years ago with a guy in a bright red suit. That was Andrew Duncan known as Andy. He really does leave an impression once you meet him, both in his unique sense of style and personality. One day Andy told me about his side project – clowning. I had to interview him. Andy agreed if we did the interview up a tree. Yes. Up a tree!

Do you need a red nose to do clowning? Why is it important to play in your own shit? What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to Andy? Who are The Duncan brothers? And why are we up a tree?

We sit in a tree with Andy and chat about his comedy performances and dive back to childish behaviours. 

Hosted by Greta Madline & Coco Olakunle

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Music: Aan Zee

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