Cecilia Pignocchi – The Oogman

The Oogman (the one-eyed man) is a character that has attracted quite a bit of attention around Amsterdam. Who is the mysterious graffiti artist behind it? Well, we meet with Cecilia Italian born graffiti artist and we hear her story of how she created this character. We discuss where she finds inspiration and how she chooses her topics. 

What’s it like to be a female graffiti artist? Why it’s the best way to spend your holiday? How to get motivated if you’re just not “feeling it”? Why graffiti is the best way to make people think for a second?

We chat with artist Cecilia Pignocchi about how to find your own style and why sometimes you need to force yourself to do your passion projects.


Hosted by Greta Madline & Coco Olakunle

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Music: Aan Zee

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