Alvaro Sotomayor – the ship of humanity

Alavro Sotomayor is a special guest on this podcast. We got to know him as creator of The Kennedys, as the Creative Director of Corona and as an absolutely amazing human being. Now, we sit with him in his studio shed (which is in the back garden of W+K) and discuss art, his latest exhibition and future plans.

Alvaro is the reason behind this podcast. The moment I heard him ask “what do you love” instead of ‘what do you do’ was the moment SideCast was born. If you hear a sound of keys, you will soon see him smiling somewhere round the corner…

But let’s talk about the ship of fools…


Hosted by Greta Madline & Coco Olakunle

Music: Aan Zee
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What is The SideCast?

We finally are launching the SideCast a podcast about passion projects! Yes! The time has come to share all the interviews we collected. Before we do that though, we thought it would be nice to introduce you to the SideCast itself. How? Where and When? Listen to this episode and emerge yourselves.